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Our Privacy Policy

By using this site you agree to us using the data you provide and agree that the data you provide is accurate


Alpha Payrolls takes the protection of your privacy very seriously, we are the Data Processor responsible for processing of your personal data.

Personal Information

We may collect and use specific data such as:

  • Your name and contact details

  • Information you provide when completing forms (Contact Us) on our website

  • Your "Cookies" data

Google Analytics

We use cookies for Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps us know who is viewing our website. It tells us things like age ranges, what country they're viewing from and genders of users but it does not tell us users names or ways to contact them so your data is safe. Google also stores your IP address. 


Our website is secure. When you submit information it is encrypted by SSL. To see if a web page is secure, look at the address bar in your browser, there there should be a padlock icon on the left side of the address bar. If it is locked, it means it is secure, however if it is not there or unlocked, the web page you are viewing might not be secure and could be vulnerable to people stealing your information.

What if This Changes?

If we change our websites privacy policy, we will update this page with our updated privacy policy. If we change our privacy policy so it effects your data, then we will contact you first and ask for you to accept these changes before using your data and information. If you do not accept we will remove your data and information.


Other websites that we link to on this website may not have the same privacy policy as us.

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